Biotaq BT 310 Capillary for ABI™ 310 Sequencer

Biotaq Capillary has developed a proprietary technology to make fused silica capillary used on ABI 310 sequencers for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis. The BT 310 capillaries are guaranteed to last one hundred injections, and can sometimes get to one thousand injections if samples are purified properly. The capillary has excellent resolution for DNA fragment analysis and long read sequencing, excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility, and can be regenerated after its performance deteriorates with our regeneration service.


  • Save on research dollars
  • High resolution
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Regenerable
  • To learn more, see product sheet

Quotes from our Customers

"The BT 310 capillaries I have ordered from you in the past have worked as well as the ones I have purchased from ABI. Since yours are much more inexpensive, I plan on ordering more from you in the future as I need them."

Dr. Jim Bonacum, Associate Professor of Genetics
Biology Department, University of Illinois Springfield, Illinois

Product Information

Prices for BT 310 Fused Silica Capillary
Catalog Number Length Number of Capillaries per Package Price per Package

Shipping and handling - U.S. Domestic (FedEx) $35, International (FedEx) $119
Sales tax will be applied to orders shipping to Maryland