ABI™ Sequencing Capillary Regeneration Reagent

What is Capillary Regeneration?

As the number of injections performed on the capillary increases, the resolution and signal intensity resulting from the capillary will decline. This is primarily due to the adsorption of proteins to the wall of the capillary. Biotaq Capillary has developed a proprietary reagent to regenerate the capillary arrays used on ABI 310, 3100, 3130, 3700, and 3730 instruments. The regeneration reagent cleaves the proteins into smaller fragments and makes it easier to wash them away from the capillary walls. The regeneration procedure can also be applied to old arrays with both ends dried.

After the regeneration, the capillary performs like new and can be used for many injections. The regeneration reagent provides tremendous savings versus buying new capillaries. The regeneration procedure is simple and can be done by rinsing the reagent through your capillary. Please see the protocol in the product sheet or contact us if you have any questions.

  • Save on new array costs
  • Performs like new
  • Simple procedure
  • To learn more, see product sheet

Quotes from our Customers

"The 310 regeneration has worked very well for us. I usually get over 1000 runs per capillary."

Dr. Richard Jobin, Forensic DNA Specialist
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Canada

"Biotaq Capillary has demonstrated incredible expertise in the regeneration of ABI sequencing capillary arrays. We have all our ABI 3100 arrays regenerated at Biotaq. After regeneration, the arrays perform like new. It saves us lot of money for new arrays, and the turnaround is fast. I strongly recommend their service to the ABI sequencing community."

Adam Coovadia, Molecular Genetics Supervisor
All Children's Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Florida


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