Precision Windowed Capillary

Biotaq’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility enables us to custom-make a wide range of capillaries specifically designed for your applications. The durability and abrasion resistance of polyimide coated capillary allow for great flexibility; however, for direct on-column UV and fluorescent detection, the polyimide coating must be removed in a process called “windowing”. With Biotaq’s proprietary non-abrasive windowing technology, we can offer windowed ready capillary with strong and clean windows of any length for your specific applications. The windowed section of the capillary is ready for any on-column UV or fluorescent detection.


  • Offers extremely strong and clean windows for any CE on-column detection at an affordable price
  • Excellent optical surface without damage
  • Smooth coating transition areas
  • Low UV absorbance and low fluorescence background
  • Exceeds industry standards