"We are very happy with the quality of Biotaq’s capillary tubing. By switching to Biotaq, we saved a lot on capillary cost."

Allen Javadi, CEO
Diagnolab, Inc., California


"We have used several hundred thousand meters of the high quality, high performance flexible fused silica capillary tubing from Biotaq to make our GC columns. The product has demonstrated high strength, superior thermal stability, excellent durability, strong chemical resistance at high temperature, and dimensional evenness over long lengths. When studied side by side, Biotaq’s BT capillary is of equivalent performance to the top global brands and is top of the line among all producers in the world."

Dr. De Wei Kong, Vice President
Analytical Technology – The Largest GC Column Supplier in China


"Biotaq Capillary has demonstrated incredible expertise in the regeneration of ABI™ sequencing capillary arrays. We have all our ABI 3100 arrays regenerated at Biotaq. After regeneration, the arrays perform like new. It saves us lot of money for new arrays, and the turnaround is fast. I strongly recommend their service to the ABI sequencing community."

Adam Coovadia, Molecular Genetics Supervisor
All Children's Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Florida


"The 310 regeneration has worked very well for us. I usually get over 1000 runs per capillary."

Dr. Richard Jobin, Forensic DNA Specialist
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, Canada


"The BT 310 capillaries I have ordered from you in the past have worked as well as the ones I have purchased from ABI. Since yours are much more inexpensive, I plan on ordering more from you in the future as I need them."

Dr. Jim Bonacum, Associate Professor of Genetics
Biology Department, University of Illinois Springfield, Illinois


"I have used INSTCoating solution for several years. It is an excellent product."

Dr. Petr Tůma, Associate Professor, Institute of Biochemistry
Cell and Molecular Biology, Charles University in Prague